Senior Outreach Schedule

 Our Senior Outreach Lunch Program is back in action! 

All Senior Luncheons start at 12 PM

10/5- St Philip's Episcopal, Algiers
10/13- St Anna's Episcopal
10/18- New Home Ministries
10/24- Gates of Prayer, Metairie
10/27- Broadmoor Community Church
11/2- St Philip's Episcopal, Algiers
11/10- St Anna's Episcopal
11/14- Gates of Prayer, Metairie
11/15- New Home Ministries

12/7- St Philip's Episcopal, Algiers

12/8- St Anna's Episcopal
12/12- Gates of Prayer Synagogue, Metairie

12/20- New Home Ministries

Some of our speakers include- JenCare, Attorney, museums, a Physical Therapist, Cardiologist, a Sports Reporter, and much more!!

Gladewaves 2022 sippin' into summer fundraiser

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Our yearly fundraiser was a huge success this year. We had many generous donations from local artists and businesses for our raffle and silent auction. We would like to thank all of our supporters and attendees for making this night so special! 

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