thanksgiving day

In 2017, Gladewaves started hosting a Thanksgiving Dinner on the front lawn of The Church of the Annunciation located at 4519 S. Claiborne Avenue.  We provide a traditional Thanksgiving meal prepared by a licensed catering company to approximately 200 people on Thanksgiving day.  In addition to the meal, we also provide individual backpacks filled with clean socks, toiletries, sandwich, fresh fruit, chips, and bottled water.  This year, along with the backpacks we will be distributing adult and children’s winter coats.  Most of the guests who attend our Thanksgiving dinner are homeless men, women and children.  Per the request of many of the 2017 attendees, we will add a winter coat distribution to the items offered at the Thanksgiving dinner.  Beginning in October, 2018, Gladewaves will work with local churches and synagogues to collect donated coats.  Gladewaves will pay for the cleaning of each used coat prior to distribution.