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Nourished Connections

With the Senior Luncheon program coming to a close for the year, Gladewaves is grateful to all 4 of our partners that were essential in the feat of assisting the underserved communities within the Metro New Orleans area.

According to Lois R. Blakes, Director of the Free Spirit Women of Victory at New Home Ministries, "The Seniors of our ministry have been tremendously blessed to be recipients of the community food program, the monthly lunch gatherings and the carefully selected guests who both inspired and educated them in areas they were unaware of..."

After 40 Senior Luncheons held from September 2022 to June 2023, we are overjoyed to have served over 1,500 people in need thanks to our partners like New Home Ministries.

As Gladewaves prepares for its next Senior Luncheon season, consider joining us in our efforts to feed, socialize, and educate senior members of our community. Click here to view our wishlist items for future events or email our Program Director Mark Azzinari ( if you would like to speak at a future Gladewaves Luncheon.

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